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How to Identify Best Warp Around Bed Skirt? from Ava Aroha's blog

Making a stylish bed is one of the primary skills that you need to design a bedroom. This implies filling duvet covers, ironing linens, fluffing pillows, and making perfect corners. However, to give your bed the attention that it deserves, you should add a duvet cover.

Wrap around bed skirt has been designed to hide foundation or box spring.  These are simple addition. Nonetheless, it can also be beneficial in raising the aesthetic level of your room. It makes your bedroom look pretty and remarkable.  Apart from improving the look and feel of the space, it can also have a functional benefit.  It is pretty long enough to reach the floor. Thus, you will be able to use the space under the bed.

When you plan to buy Wrap around bed skirt for your bed, there are many things that you need to consider.

Right Size

When you have to choose the right bed skirt, size is an important factor that you need to consider. If you buy a one that is too big, it is not going to fit correctly. Moreover, if it is small, it is not going to fit at all.  Either it will ruin the look of the bed skirt or the room. Hence, if you have to choose the right size Wrap around bed skirt, you should not assume the length and breadth of the room. The foundation, box springs, and mattresses might vary in size. It is necessary to get the right size of bed skirt so that is hangs properly on the bed.

Drop of a Bed Skirt

When you think about the drop of the bed skirt, you need to consider the measurement from the top of the foundation to the floor. A standard measurement for the ready-made bed skirts are 15 inches.  However, it might vary. If the drop measurement is 16 inches, the standard bed skirt is not going to go all the way to the floor. Again, if the drop measurement is 14 inches is going to drag on your floor. If you have 18 Inch drop length you should buy 18” Bed Skirt.

Unique Texture

A Wrap around bed skirt that is made of heavy textured fabric is going to keep its shape and also stand fresh for several years to come. You will just have to take them off for cleaning. Fabrics such as velvet, faux suede, and chenille work pretty well. 


 A solid color bed skirt can be a versatile choice. In case you select a light color like pink, white, or pastel. You have to make sure that the bed skirt is lined and is made of heavy fabric. This way the light will not show through from under the bed. 

Interesting Pattern

A Wrap around bed skirt is great place where you can use an interesting pattern such as plaid, check, stripe, or texture. It can either contrast or complement with other fabrics that are present in your room.

Once you are done deciding the buying the bed skirt, you need to make sure that you take proper care of your bed skirt.  You need to clean it on a regular basis. If you have chosen luxurious option, it is going to require special care.  It is better to vacuum the bed skirt every week.  You can wash it once in a month if required to keep it looking fresh.




Ava Aroha

I’m an international linen supplier also like to write on various topics related to bed and bedding. I’ve done MBA from UNT. Along with selling all bedding stuff with a website Aanya Linen I’m trying to spread awareness in people about bedding and sleeping because these days people are very busy and they couldn’t find time for themselves. I found blogging is a way through I can reach up to them.

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