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Why You Should Go For Cotton Duvet Cover? from Ava Aroha's blog

Why You Should Go For Cotton Duvet Cover?

When you think of the bedding that keeps you warm at night the name of a duvet automatically pops into mind. Snuggling under the one you can experience the kind of comfort that nothing can provide to you. A comfortable duvet can ensure a good night’s sleep that can lead to a happy and relaxed day. There are many kinds of duvets available in the market. But before you invest any amount of your hard earned money in buying duvets, you need to know some related information about it.

What Is A Duvet Cover?

Have you noticed how pillows are covered with pillow covers? Duvet covers work just like that. It is a protective gear that keeps your duvets clean. You can also upgrade your home décor just by changing the duvet cover. In summer, some people use the duvet covers as a bed sheet. Though it is not how they should be used, you can use the duvet cover as you feel comfortable.

Though you can find duvet covers in different material, it is best if you use the cotton covers. A list describing the good sides of the cotton duvet cover is given below.


Cotton comes from the plant and is a purely natural material. Thus when the cotton is woven, the linen it makes is breathable.

Your body temperature changes at the time of sleep. Thus, if you are not sleeping under a breathable cover, you will be waking up sweating profusely. The cotton absorbs the heat of your body all through the night. This absorption of heat makes it easier for you to remain cool and comfortable when you sleep. The cotton-made duvet cover works opposite in the winter. In the chilly winter, the cotton cover will keep you warm and toasty throughout the night.

The man-made material, such as polyester absorbs your body heat but fails to release the heat. This retention of heat makes you all sweaty and sticky and prevents you from a well-rested night.

The Feeling

The Cotton Duvet Cover feels heavenly after a long stressful day. The fresh and clean cotton covers are the best gift that you can give to yourself.  It works especially well for the people who have sensitive skin. The irritation that you can get from the materials, such as polyester, can keep you awake the whole night. Cotton, on the other hand, is naturally hypoallergenic. Not many people are allergic to cotton. Therefore, you can easily sleep through the night without having any itch or irritation from the allergies.


Your quality of sleep is as important as the hard earned money. Buying cotton bedding can save you a considerable amount in a long run. The man-made materials are of course cheaper when you are buying the duvet covers.  However, the natural cotton-made duvet covers can last almost twice as long as any man-made alternatives.

Low Maintenance

There is a lot of misconception about maintaining the materials made of cotton. The fact is it is not. You do not need to spend hours in washing, drying and ironing the cotton duvets. You can through most of the cotton duvet cover directly into the washing machine. You just need to wash your cotton duvets alone. This way the covers get a better wash and there is no chance that the machine is overloaded. You also do not need to use any pricy detergent for your cotton-made duvet covers as well. You can also pop the covers into the tumble drier. Just remember to keep the temperature of the drier low. Take the covers out when it is still a little damp and complete the ironing. This will considerably lower the effort that you need to put in ironing.


Being a natural material cotton tends to stretch a little. This feature helps you to feel comfortable during the time of your sleep.

Stinking Factor

The cotton releases the odorant substances more easily than any man-made material. As a result, you do not have to wash your cotton-made duvet cover frequently.

Now you know everything that you need to decide whether you should buy and use a duvet cover made of cotton.



Ava Aroha

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